Frequently Asked Questions About Domus and Design Build Construction

Q: Who is Domus? 

A: We are a design-build firm located in Hanover, New Hampshire offering custom-built new homes, renovations, and additions. We handle jobs of all types and sizes, from 10,000-square foot custom homes to small bathroom renovations. 

Q: What is design-build, and why should I choose it?

A: Design-build firms handle both the design and construction of custom homes. The entire process, from initial planning to final finishings, is handled by a single company. This is less expensive and more convenient than working with a separate designer and builder. Design-build also promotes better communication and prevents misunderstandings. The house you envision is the house you get. 

Q: Where do you build?

A: Generally, we build within a half hour radius of Hanover and Lebanon in New Hampshire and Norwich and Hartford in Vermont. 

Q: What type of homes do you build? 

We can build or renovate just about anything you can imagine, from colonials to modern homes. Our portfolio even includes a custom-built underground home. On the commercial side, we’ve built restaurants, banks, retail shops, medical offices and more. We strive to be eco-friendly in all of our projects through energy efficiency and conservation. 

Q: How long have you been in business?

We've been building and renovating homes since 1978.

Q: How much input will I have in the design process?

A: In simplest terms, as much or as little as you’d like. We love it when our customers are involved in every aspect of the design, from planning the layout to choosing finishes and materials, because we want you to be happy with every inch of the home. But we’re also more than willing to make recommendations. 

Q: How long will my new home or renovation take? 

A: As you can imagine, this depends on the type and size of the project. A large custom home might take a year to design and build - six months for design and six months for construction. A small renovation could take a few weeks, while a large renovation might last six months or more. Keep in mind that this is custom work. Every detail is designed and built exactly to your specifications. That level of craftsmanship and attention to detail required to build a dream home takes time. 

Q: Can I live in my home during an addition or renovation? 

A: This depends mostly on your tolerance for living in a construction zone. If you prefer to stay in the home, we’ll make accommodations to make you as comfortable as possible. In the past, we’ve set up temporary kitchens for customers while their old kitchens were being remodeled. If we’re adding on, we’ll do as much work as possible outside of the home before cutting through your existing walls. 

Q: What is the price per square foot of a custom home or renovation? 

A: We don’t price by the square foot. Why? Because the cost of a home depends largely on the cost and quality of the materials you choose. You could spend $1,000 on a kitchen range or $15,000. 

Q: Why should I choose Domus? 

A: As we like to say, “Because you get us.” We build top-quality homes and offer personalized, first-class service.